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About ooloo

Ooloo is a platform developed by Commerce Softwareness Inc. Inspired to strengthen human connection and interdependence, we ended up re-imagining personal mobility. We have created this opportunity by amalgamating package delivery to personal transportation. Ooloo platform connects occasional shippers to everyday drivers.

Ooloo is perfect for users who are short on time. They can schedule to pick and drop errands and save time for the things they love.

Ooloo is ideal for drivers, who enjoy being on the road and would like to earn an additional income by delivering goods.

For Our Users

Same day deliveries in your city, at the best possible prices.

For Our Driver Partners

Set your own price, choose your deliveries to earn an extra income.

ooloo Users

Find several quick, affordable and secure delivery options.

Posting your delivery on ooloo is a breeze. In three simple steps, your delivery is on its way.
Step 1 – Enter pick-up & delivery destination.
Step 2 – Enter package dimensions and image.
Step 3 – Choose your bid.

Once your request is posted, our AI engine filters the delivery & driver details in real time and only allows the matched drivers to bid on your request. You can choose from the three lowest bids for each request.

Live GPS tracking and app notifications allow you to monitor the driver and your delivery.

All drivers are screened and allowed to drive with ooloo, only after a thorough back ground check.

ooloo Drivers

Your Hours, Your Price, Your Choice

Your Hours

Set your own working hours. Each day. Every day.

Your Price

You choose the delivery that interests you and bid what you think is reasonable.

Your Choice

Bid for multiple deliveries at the same time, submit your prices and set your own hours. Complete freedom. Complete control.

Optimized Routing

Advanced routing algorithm optimizes your route during multiple pick up and drop points.

Free Registration

The registration is totally free. Anyone who meets the government requirements and clears a back ground check is eligible to drive with ooloo.

Low Transactional Fee

ooloo charges a low fee of 5% on each transaction. These are additional to the charges levied by banks and payment gateways(approximately 1% - 3%).

Application Screenshots

Common FAQ

We recognize that the safety of drivers and users is a shared responsibility, we want both drivers and users to feel safe while using ooloo. That’s why we educate our drivers and encourage users to follow all government guidelines; they must wear a face mask, sanitize their hands regularly and maintain a 2m distance.
Security of your shipment is our no.1 priority. All drivers are our screened thoroughly before they are allowed to drive with ooloo. You can also track your shipment as it is being delivered to you. For more details please reach us at www.ooloo.world.
Drivers are paid on weekly basis by way of direct deposit to their bank account. Driver's earning is equal to their amount earned (bid amount) minus 5% charge by ooloo and approximately 1% to 3% charges levied by banks or payment processing gateway. For further details, please reach us at www.ooloo.world.
You can pick and choose the deliveries you want to make. You would get complete details of the delivery before you bid for the delivery. After you place your bid, you can revise your bid, only until the user selects a bid. For more details please reach us at www.ooloo.world.

Get in touch

6650 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1E3
+1 514 327 7201
+1 514 941 7201

Help For User

The app starts on a page, showing your current location on the map. You may start sending your package by entering ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses and following rest of the instructions on the screen.
Once your delivery request is posted, ooloo will find the best possible driver, based on lowest price, load capacity and routing. You will receive up to 3 lowest bids. You may accept one among them. The accepted bid will notify the driver. At this point, your delivery process has initiated. Your delivery will be marked with the status – “ready for pickup”.
Your driver may have multiple other deliveries on his routing sheet. Once he or she selects your pickup, you will receive a notification. Also, you may do live tracking of the driver’s vehicle on map as he or she reaches you for the pickup. Live tracking could be initiated by pressing on the blinking icon “Pic of icon goes here” at top corner of ‘My Deliveries’.
At this point your parcel should be fully prepared for pickup.
Upon arrival, the driver will request you for showing the QR CODE.
If you chose ‘signature required upon delivery’ option, you must share your QR code with the recipient by pressing this icon “pic of the icon goes here” next to the QR code.
Once the driver selects your delivery from his or her routing sheet, you will be notified. You may do live tracking of the driver’s vehicle on route to the recipient.
Upon arriving at destination, the driver will deliver by one of the two methods: 1) deliver with signature (if it was opted by you) for which he or she will request the recipient for showing the QR code that you shared; 2) deliver at the door or safe location, take a photograph, and upload.
You will receive a notification that the delivery has been completed. This will complete the delivery cycle.

Help For Driver

As you login, the app will ask you for number of hours you would like to work that day. Your approximate working hours are required for our dispatch system to determine optimum deliveries and routing for you. For example, if you were to finish your shift at 6pm, the system will not post deliveries which may require driving time well beyond 6pm.
Now you will be on a screen, showing two tabs: Active Post(s) and Routes. On Active Post(s) page, you will be sent delivery requests to bid on. As you login for very first time, you may see this page to be blank. Once the users send out delivery requests for bidding, you will start seeing them here. You will be receiving notifications for each delivery request for bidding as they arrive.
You may bid on one or many delivery posts.
You will receive notifications for all accepted bids. The accepted bids will disappear from the Active Post(s) page and appear in Routes page.
The routing algorithm will automatically position best possible delivery sequent on Routes page.
You may select the suggested or your delivery sequence. You select your next pickup or drop off by pressing the button ‘Van Icon goes here’, located at the bottom right corner of each delivery iteration. This will send notification to the sender that you are on the way. Your location may be live tracked until pick scan is done.
Upon arriving at the pickup location, you may request the sender for QR code on his or her mobile device.
You may choose to deliver this package or continue in delivery sequence, suggested on the Routes page.
Once you select a drop off location from the Routes page, a notification is sent to the sender, showing that the package is out for delivery. The send and receiver may live track your location while the delivery is in progress.
Upon arriving at destination, you may deliver by one of the two methods: 1) deliver by scanning the QR code on recipient’s mobile device (if the ‘required signature upon delivery’ option was selected by the sender) ; 2) deliver at the door or safe location, take a photograph, and upload.
The sender will receive a notification that the delivery has been completed. This will complete the delivery cycle.